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Milini or Milani: A Welcome Meeting in Hindu Indian Weddings

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on August 4, 2010

Bride and Family Welcome Groom and Party on Their Arrival

Milini or milani is the first ceremony after the arrival of the Hindu Indian wedding party. There will be other ceremonies which will follow. Milini or Milani is the occasion when the members of the Hindu Indian wedding party arrive at the bride’s place. They are welcome by the bride’s parents, relatives and friends. In other words, it is the meeting between the groom and bride’s parties that we call milini or milani. The bride, her parents and relatives are waiting to welcome and meet the wedding procession that arrives with groom riding a horse, elephant or car. This is the welcoming ceremony for the wedding party. To become a member, visit ApnaMatch and do a dating registration to have a companion for marriage or dating and friendship.

Garlands and Gifts for the Groom and Party at Milini or Milani

The bride’s father is the first to greet and garland the groom’s father at Milini in Hindu Indian wedding. Some relatives are introduced from both sides who then greet and garland each other. For example, a brother from one side greets and garlands the brother from the other side, ‘mamaji’ and other uncles from one side greet and garland their counterparts from the other side, and so on. At Milini, members from the bride’s side give presents to the groom’s side. This system of giving presents in a Hindu Indian wedding is usually one way only, from bride to groom’s members. Groom’s members receive the gifts, usually cash packed in envelops, just with a smile. This has always been the accepted practice. Have a fun in your spare time from ApnaMatch.

There are various types of garlands in use on different occasions. These are made of flowers, tinsel, bead, etc. But the garlands (var malas or jai malas) which the bride and groom exchange are specially made, are expensive, have religious significance and their exchange means the groom and bride have accepted each other as life-partners.

Now the bridegroom and his parents are the chief guests at milini in Indian wedding. The bride’s mother welcomes the bridegroom to bless him by applying a ‘Tilak’, a mark on his forehead which is made from sandal wood or turmeric. All present guests shower flowers over him as a mark of good luck. Know more about milini or milani at Laj Marriage Bureau.

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