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Wedding an Occasion for Meeting of Families from Near and Far

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on August 11, 2010

Memories Exchanged by Friends and Relatives at Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding in the family is an occasion when all relatives, old friends and others come to the same platform to meet and greet each other. Many of them may not have seen each other for a long time, may be stretching into years and this will be a welcome occasion to travel for such an event. Old memories will now be exchanged and the existing bonds renewed, each inviting the other to visit their place and stay with them for a few days. Make new friends and renew bonds with the old one by filling in the Indian matrimonial registration form to become a member.

New Alliances and Partnerships Made at Indian Wedding

Indian wedding is also an occasion where new alliances amongst different families may be formed. Someone may find a suitable suitor for their child from another family. Old friends may chalk out a plan to form a business partnership. It can also be that someone may like to find a way out of their predicament as this is the only reason they have come to attend the wedding. This is, therefore, the time that the assembled people for a wedding can sit and discuss various topics, including who is going to vote whom in the coming elections. For various discussions with your relatives and friends, be a member of Laj Marriage Bureau.

Many Ceremonies Performed on Indian Wedding Occasion

There are various ceremonies that start before the Indian wedding day. Relatives and dear ones, who have arrived a few days earlier than others, will attend and be part of these ceremonies. There will be ladies sangeet, gents bhangra, mehndi designs for the bride, chura ceremony, etc. which start days before the Indian wedding ceremony. A number of wedding ceremonies follow from the time of arrival of the bridegroom’s party to the time of their departure. Relatives and friends of bride and groom’s families arrive from near and far places and form a big assembly of people to witness the Indian wedding ceremonies. Many relatives may not have met for long years, but the wedding brings them together. Make new friends and do a dating search online now.

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