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People Take Pride in Attending Hindu Indian Marriage

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on October 9, 2010

The Sum Added with One is the Indian Customary Cash Gift

Attending An Indian Wedding

Attending An Indian Wedding

This is an honour for people with different cultural backgrounds to attend a Hindu Indian marriage. There is an ocean full of love and affection all around on this auspicious occasion. Family friends come with presents for the couple in Hindu Indian marriage. Those who come without a present give money at Indian wedding for the couple to buy something of their liking. In times gone by when one rupee had its value in India, and one pound or dollar in the western world, people would usually give cash in the dominations of one, eleven, twenty one, thirty one or going upwards to even hundred one and so on. Whole number with added one is the Hindu custom all around the world coming down from generations given as present at Hindu Indian marriage or other functions. This money is usually accepted with a bit of hesitation, but some hosts keep one and return the big rest, a mark of love towards the contributors who have come to attend and grace the Hindu Indian marriage. Money is not that much important as their gracious presence enhances the gathering at Hindu Indian marriage. Search for a partner to attend an Indian marriage by doing a dating registration to witness various ceremonies.

Western People Like and Welcome Indian Customs

Hindu Indian marriage ceremonies have a lot to offer to those who are attending them for the first time. It is an ocean of family members, relatives and friends who gather at this once in life time function where two souls are united as life-partners. Many western white people arrive with Indian dresses on, ladies wearing sarees with bindi on the forehead. Hindu religion stands for peace and love, and you must have seen the Presidents, Prime Ministers and their wives from various countries wearing Indian dresses at various welcome functions arranged in their honour in India. They welcome Indian customs. There are large number of people with whom you can do Indian dating with which can lead to an Indian wedding.

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