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Hindu Indian Wedding Feasts Served in Yesteryears

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on October 29, 2010

Most Simple and Basic Indian Wedding Feasts in Times Gone By

In the times gone by, possibly out of your memories, seating arrangements in Indian wedding ceremonies used to be on the ground outside in the tent or on floor inside the house. Straw or jute sheets would be spread with white sheets on them in rows for the ‘baratees’, the groom’s party members, to sit down with their folded legs or in whichever position they would feel comfortable. There were no plates, ‘thalis’ or other crockery items, as the food used to be served on big fresh palm leaves spread in front of each ‘baratee’ in Indian wedding. Small earthen pots were used for liquid items. That was the accepted norm in those days in Indian wedding ceremony or a birthday party. As you come across very old things in a museum and like to see more of them, think of having a primitive wedding feast. You will hear more of this from members of ApnaMatch.

It will give you a wonder, great surprise and pleasure to know all about how a feast used to be served in Indian wedding ceremony long time ago. Ask yourself if you would like to attend an Indian marriage dinner this way, sitting on floor and using palm leaves instead of crockery. You may perhaps run miles away to escape from this type of arrangement in these modern times. An intelligent person, on the other hand, might be interested to attend this type of feast to revisit the times gone by. You can have a partner who has researched about the past and can tall you lot about this, by visiting Indian dating.

Wide Difference Between Past and Present Times

Things have changed now. No one will blame you if you laugh a bit on what and how things used to be done in years gone by. No one will be surprised to know that there were no trains, aeroplanes or even televisions when humanity used to live in peace and prosperity in their times. Now is the time when you can sit comfortably on cushioned chairs and enjoy delicious foods which are served in shining and expensive crockery and utensils in Indian wedding. To have food of your choice, do an online Indian matrimonial registration and enjoy the company of someone you like most.

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