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Registration of Marriage a Vital Certificate

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on November 20, 2010

Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration

Registration a Legal Seal of Marriage

It is extremely important that you get a Marriage Certificate after a Hindu Indian marriage. It is a valuable document confirming that the two have been married as husband and wife. It is the civil ceremony that the couples of various religions go to a registrar’s office to register their marriages. Parents from both sides usually accompany the couple at the time of registration of marriage, which can be before or after the religious ceremonies of Indian wedding, as prevalent in western countries. Religious ceremonies of Hindu Indian marriage aren’t recognised by British law. The registration certificate gives official and legal recognition that the two have been married. This document is a proof of your date of birth, address you live in and may also show your husband, wife or parents’ names on it. The wording of marriage certificate may vary from country to country but its central value remains the same. Indian couples mostly register their marriages in Registrar’s office after having found their partners from Laj Marriage Bureau.

Registration of Marriage Alone a Quick Way to Get Married

For lonely people madly in love and who have agreed to get married, it may be the registration of marriage only that counts to them to become husband and wife. In such cases, only the couple with witnesses go to the registrar’s office to get the registration of marriage certificate. They may not go through any of the religious ceremonies or formalities. However, some people may like to choose to go to a temple or church afterwards and ask the priest to bless them as a couple. In such cases, it is a very simple and quick way of performing Hindu Indian marriage. This quick and cheap process is prevalent in all the religions in the western world. But such an Indian marriage doesn’t carry any love of parents, relatives or people around. There are thousands of lonely graduates living and working away from parents who may like to meet and choose opposite partners and then inform their parents for their blessings. Visit ApnaMatch and make friendships leading to permanent relationship.

Registration of Marriage certificate is a very important document which you will need at various occasions in the future. It is an identity document, like a passport, which tells your name, date of birth, address, nationality etc., and above all, that you are married. Registration of Marriage certificate should be kept with care. Get a partner at ApnaMatch who believes in getting a marriage certificate.

Some People Unaware of Registering the Marriages

Even in this modern time, many couples, especially in small towns and villages in India, are unaware and ignorant of the process of registering a wedding. They don’t know its importance. Millions of families never register marriages of their children. For them, it is the religious ceremony that matters. They think everyone in the locality knows the young ones have been married. But in time of need in the far future, it may be needed when seeking a higher employment or whatever reason. You can do your own dating registration for marriage and remember to always go to the Registrars Office to have a marriage certificate.

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