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Indian Marriage for Sikhs

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on December 1, 2010

Sikh Marriage mainly performed in a Gurudwara

Gurudwara is the main centre for the performance of Sikh Indian Marriage where families, relatives and known friends assemble to witness the big function. All are required to cover their heads and be seated bare footed while Granthi, the priest, plays the main part in reciting Shabads and Kirtans. In Sikh Indian marriage, the Anand Karaj ceremony can be performed in a Gurdwara or home where Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been respectfully installed. Log onto ApnaMatch to find a suitable Sikh partner for Indian Sikh marriage.

All relatives and known friends assemble at this important function to renew their bonds as some of them may have not met for long time. A Sikh Indian marriage is famous for its colourful and bright dresses. The bride is dressed in traditional shalwar and kameez or langa (a blouse and loose trousers or long skirt). Saree is also the main dress for some brides at Sikh Indian marriage. An embroidered shawl, chunni or dupatta covers her head. Traditional shirt and trousers or sherwani (long jacket) and ‘churidars’, tight fitted trousers, is the most used Indian marriage dress worn by the groom in Sikh marriage. He wears a red or dark pink turban and carries a coloured scarf (pulla). I recommend you should visit Laj Marriage Bureau to find a Sikh partner for life long union.

Most of Sikhs are discouraged in believing the horoscopes or any other superstitions pertaining to determining a marriage date or time. The religious ceremony in Sikh Indian marriage can be conducted by any learned Sikh man or woman.

Lawan Ceremony Makes the Couple Husband and Wife

The ceremony of Lavan sums up the completion of religious part of Sikh Indian marriage. Bride’s father places one end of a scarf or sash worn by the groom from his shoulders to his daughter’s hand signifying that she is now being married away to the groom, who will now become her husband to look after her welfare and be always there to protect her dignity. In Sikh Indian marriage, Lavan hymns of Guru Ram Das are read. The couple go around Sri Guru Granth Sahib four times in total, listening to the hymns each time after a lavaa. The big Sikh Indian marriage feast, famous for ‘halva puri’ and other delicious Indian dishes, is normally arranged in a gurudwara, but can also be organised in a big tent outside the home, hired hall or hotel. To find suitable Sikh partners for Indian marriage, dating or friendship visit this great Indian dating site at

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