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Groom’s Party with Baraat in Hindu Indian Marriage

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on December 9, 2010

Groom With Baraat

Groom With Baraat

Groom Rides a Decorated Horse in Baraat in Hindu Indian Marriage

Baraat consists of people who form the Hindu Indian marriage party. Amongst others, this group of baraat has the groom, family members, relatives and other guests. The baraat proceeds in a wedding procession. The groom leaves for the wedding venue with the baraat riding a decorated horse or elephant. This is a very colorful and grand ceremony. The groom’s parents shower money coins over him, which are collected by the passer bys to spend as they like. This is a sign of joy and merry making. All members of the baraat are nicely dressed, especially ladies whose saris and jewellery increase the attraction of the baraat in Hindu Indian marriage all the more. The groom’s dress is a special one, quite distinctive from the suits worn by other members of the baraat. He is dressed in a sherwani (long jacket) and ‘churidars’ (tight fitted trousers) in the baraat. On his head he wears a ‘sehra’ (turban) with a ‘kalgi’ (brooch) pinned onto it. The turban usually has flowers extending from it to keep the groom’s face covered during baraat procession and the Hindu Indian marriage ceremonies later. You can know more about a ceremonial turban by visiting Laj Marriage Bureau.

Everyone present in the baraat is cheerful. The baraat arrives dancing and singing with joy. There is also the accompanying team of musicians beating drums and playing flutes. Light lamps accompany the baraat in Hindu Indian marriage during night time. It is all an occasion of joy and celebration in Indian wedding. Visit Laj Marriage Bureau to find suitable partners for dating, friendship or Indian marriage.

Baraat is Welcome at a Specially Created Venue at Bride’s Place

Big celebrations usually have noise of dancing and singing. The loud music at the bride’s place can be heard from a distance. ‘Shehnai’, which is one of the oldest Indian musical instruments, is also at play in Hindu Indian marriage. A specially decorated reception place is created to receive the baraat. The reception place is either a huge tent erected outside the bride’s house, well decorated with flowers and buntings and extensively lit if it is night time or a hired hall. Everything is well planned for the comforts of the baraat members. Wealthy people welcome the baraat in a big hotel, where the management does all the work for the Hindu Indian marriage party. The bride’s parents bear all the expenses. You can make friendship with a member of a wealthy family at ApnaMatch.

Excessive Number of People in a Barat Spoils the Show

It is important that the number of people in a baraat should be reasonable. The number varies from baraat to baraat in Hindu Indian marriage. It may be from fifty to a few hundred, depending whose marriage is taking place. The number from fifty to one hundred fifty is very reasonable for ordinary or middle class families. However, rich families’ baraat may consist of three to five hundred people, or even more, which is not a good management by the groom’s side. Go to ApnaMatch to join a barat in Hindu Indian marriage.

The baraat should have reasonable number of people and it is the groom or his parents’ responsibility to keep the number under control because these are their people who have come at bride parents’ invitations. It becomes a tremendous burden on the bride and her parents to look after and feed that big a baraat. It is in itself a punishment for the bride and her parents even before the marriage. The people in a baraat in Hindu Indian marriage should consist of relatives, known families and very near friends with whom you deal quite often. Near friends or families invited should not bring with them their friends. People you have never met before and are not going to see in future should not be members of the baraat in Hindu Indian marriage. This should be the guiding principle and followed by groom and his parents. There are people who follow the guiding principles, and you can be one of them at your Indian wedding. Join Laj Marriage Bureau for discrete matrimonial introductions.

It is important that in a baraat, guests should not eat and drink too much to become sick and unsteady on feet. Food should not be left in quantities as waste. Food is god’s gift without which we cannot survive. Baraat members should eat only that much which they can enjoy and be contended with, and not leave waste.

In the times gone by, Hindu Indian marriage used to last for many days, sometimes three to five days. It was a tremendous burden upon bride’s family to look after the groom and his entire party all that time, providing accommodation, food, drinks and other hospitalities. It was like a daytime robbery. But things have changed and same day Hindu Indian marriage is now being performed. Join ApnaMatch to have a same day Indian marriage.

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