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Vidai after Doli in Hindu Indian Marriage

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on December 24, 2010

Vidai after Doli

Vidai after Doli

Joy With Tears at Vidai in Hindu Indian Marriage

Vidai is a good-bye from the daughter in Hindu Indian marriage when she leaves her family home to join her husband and in-laws for good. Vidai or departure of the bride is an emotional scene when everyone present there recalls similar scene when they were married and had to go through all this. It has been so far merry making, singing and enjoying each others’ company, but now things change at the time of vidai. It is now the time when the entire Hindu Indian marriage team from the groom’s side will take vidai (permission to depart), taking with them the bride. She is also taking vidai from her family, leaving her loved ones behind, brothers, sisters, parents and well wishers. She is now leaving and vidai is very distressful in Hindu Indian marriage as it is at this moment that all the previous memories run through her mind of the place she was born and brought up, where she had played to grow up as a child. She got her education stretching from school, college, university to the parents’ special lessons how to be good in housekeeping, cooking and respecting elders. If you want to learn some cooking recipes, join online and do a dating registration to find a wife who is expert in cooking.

This is the time to exchange ‘good byes’. The male members of the bride’s family bid farewell to the groom by applying the traditional ’tilak’ (vermilion) on his forehead and shower him with gifts and flowers. In earlier times the bride used to leave in a doli, a palanquin. These days the couple leaves in a decorated car in Hindu Indian marriage.

Everyone Present Joins Bride in Shedding Tears at Hindu Indian Marriage

At vidai no one can make her stop from crying, which is though entirely out of love. On the other hand, everyone present there, even from the groom’s side, also joins in and sheds a few tears. Her parents and family members cannot control two things: free flow of tears on her vidai and happiness on her joining her husband to start a successful new life of her own, full of dreams she used to mention during story time with other members of the family. To find a life partner to start a new life in Hindu Indian marriage, join ApnaMatch where scores of compatible members will contact you.

Start of a New Life For the Couple After Hindu Indian Marriage

Vidai in Hindu Indian marriage means her connections with her family now become of secondary value and she must be the pride of the new home, always helping and sharing everything with her husband and be obedient to in-laws. Back at her original home, a big vacuum gets created, which takes some time to fill up. If you have not seen an Indian bride crying in Hindu Indian marriage, be part of vidai on Laj Marriage Bureau where charming ladies with sarees and gold jewellery are seeking equally handsome and professional male partners for Indian wedding.

Bright Side of Vidai After Hindu Indian Marriage

The newly wed Mrs Right may never have lived away from her parents for a single night, but now she has to pass the rest of her life with new people in a place she is not familiar with. Her cries get louder and stronger as the car speeds away for the new home. Her husband, also in tears at this emotional scene, consoles her, gives her a smile and talks of the many people waiting at home to welcome her. Then the bright side of vidai gets dawned on her face and she starts looking forward the beginning of a new life with Mr Right at a new place. Happiness and smile start coming back. People visit ApnaMatch to find a partner who will first cry and later smile at vidai

A Daughter is Someone Else’s Property from Day One of her Birth

Her thoughts go back to her parents and she now feels that they too must have recovered by now and started feeling happy at the success achieved by them by marrying her in a good family. She recalls her saying everyone at home, out of ignorance as a small child that she would never leave them and be with them all her life as she loved them extremely. But, alas, a girl has to go through vidai and leave everyone behind to live with her husband after Hindu Indian marriage. She is from day one of her birth someone else’s property, the very special someone who has been found now. Register with Laj Marriage Bureau to find Mr or Mrs Right after the Indian wedding.

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