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Hindu Bharat Matrimony Function at Bride’s Place

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on June 19, 2011

All Arrangements for Hindu Bharat Matrimony at Girl’s Place

Reception arrangements for the Hindu Bharat matrimony are the responsibilities of the girl and her parents. Hindu Bharat matrimony mostly takes place at the residence, city or town of the bride. Girl’s marriage means her parents make all the arrangements to welcome, entertain, give presents, dowry and the bride to accompany her husband to join and live with him as a married woman. It is not like girl and party visiting groom’s residence where they will be entertained, given gifts and her parents and party return after handing over the bride to the groom to stay and live after the marriage. It is all one sided expenses affair that the bride’s parents have to fork out. The reception for the Bharat matrimony party can be her residence, outside in a huge tent which has well seating arrangements with nice decorations, a hired hall or, for rich people, in a hotel. A marriage is the uniting of two people, bride and groom, as life partners to live together and the bride’s parents try their best to accord maximum honour and comfort to the visiting marriage party. For bride and groom, marriage is the sharing of everything, someone to be close to, to be trustworthy in dealings and secrets of life. To have a Hindu Bharat matrimony with the most suited partner, join Laj Marriage Bureau.

Huge Decorated Tent for The Hindu Bharat Matrimony Party

In this vast country Bharat, most middle class families arrange the wedding party reception in a huge tent outside the house, which is well decorated with comfortable seating arrangements. Majority of people in Indian towns and villages cannot afford to make these expensive arrangements in clubs or hotels. Expecting a huge turnout of friends and guests for the wedding, more space is required and for this reason, a tent is erected outside the house. Indian music with ‘shehnai’, one of the oldest Indian musical instruments, fills the air. The whole arena is decorated with buntings, flowers, etc. At night time, lightings are added all around to illuminate the bride’s building and the tent arena. The adjoining parts of the streets are also given uplift to give a festive look. To reach the Hindu Bharat matrimony stage, first join ApnaMatch and start your dating registration to be with an Indian mate.

For religious ceremonies for Bharat Matrimony, a Mandap, a small specially erected temple, is either inside the residence or outside in a prominent part of the tent. It is normally in a big hall or outside in the tent to give more space for the assembled people to participate in the religious ceremonies that will follow. Mandaps are extensively explained in later articles. Log into Laj Marriage Bureau to find your loving partner in Bharat matrimony.

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