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Bride With Gold Jewellery in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on June 24, 2011

Gold Jewellery for Bride in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Apart from endless list of items in dowry, gold jewellery is normally given for the bride to wear during and after the Bharat matrimony. Gold is one of the most expensive items and many ordinary families cannot afford to give it in marriage. The customs force the parents to arrange somehow and give gold jewellery in dowry. The bride may not have used gold jewellery while being single as beautiful artificial jewellery is available in abundance. New gold jewellery is ordered for her at her Bharat matrimony. Gold items are for her ankles, hands, wrist, neck, ears, nose, forehead, head, etc. Also ordered are other gold jewellery items like rings, cufflinks, wrist watches with bracelet for the groom. Then some gold jewellery for bride’s mother and father in law, gold rings for groom’s brothers and necklaces for his sisters. Have a bride loaded with gold in Bharat matrimony by matrimonial browsing online. Giving jewellery can be an expensive affair but the bride’s parents have to do it as it is considered a part of Bharat matrimony. Some parents take loans to arrange gold jewellery and other items for their daughter’s marriage.

Expensive Gold Jewellery a Burden in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Expensive things are normally for the well off and rich people. Poor and not so fortunate people have to follow the established customs and go along with the society and arrange somehow gold jewellery in dowry. It is an important, though unwelcome part of dowry in Hindu Bharat matrimony. Some parents have been storing gold jewellery for many years for their daughter’s matrimony because according to customs, it has to be given in Hindu Bharat matrimony. A daughter will have to be married when she gets in her twenties, or whatever age parents consider appropriate for her marriage. The thought of collection of gold jewellery and other items for her dowry are in parents’ minds from day one a daughter is born. For ordinary families who live on regular and hard earned wages, to arrange everything at the time of wedding is not an easy option at all. They do regular savings and buy item by item at appropriate times for her Hindu Bharat matrimony. The collection of dowry, therefore, starts long before the daughter is to be married. The gold jewellery specially is considered a burden forced upon the family by the society’s customs and rituals. You too can have an Indian bride laden with jewellery by filling in the Indian matrimonial registration form.

Wealthy Families Give Loads of Gold Jewellery in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Wealthy families, rolling in money, take pride in giving huge gold jewellery to their daughters in Hindu Bharat matrimony. They have so much wealth that it does not affect their pocket to order heavy and expensive jewellery for dowry. They get this opportunity to show to known people that they stand above the society in wealth and can spend money as they like.

Gold jewellery used to be and is still considered as an insurance that the daughter will be well looked after by her husband and in-laws. Where two partners have entered in a love marriage or both of them are equally qualified and earn good money, gold jewellery and other dowry items may not form an important part of their Bharat matrimony. They may simply perform wedding ceremony as normal and start living together as husband and wife and lead a happy life. Their love brings them together and they are not bothered about gifts and dowry. Rich couples can buy and collect whatever they want due to their good earnings and professional jobs. But wealthy families, even if their daughters are professionals and holding executive jobs, still give good dowry with hefty jewellery in marriages. They can show their money power derived from their high positions in society. Discover for yourself how to become a member for Hindu Bharat matrimony.

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