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Sharing of Expenses in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on June 27, 2011

New Trend of Sharing Expenses in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Mostly it is the bride’s family which meets all the expenses in welcoming and feeding the groom and party in Hindu Bharat matrimony. A huge bill has to be paid and the entire burden falls on the bride and her parents. Educated and employed youngsters now discuss in advance about the sharing of expenses to reduce the burden on one family. Modern time education standards have gone up whereby ladies are equally or in many cases more qualified than their male partners. They now usually discuss beforehand about the arrangements, formalities and the expenses to be incurred. On the insistence of their children, parents of both families usually accept this procedure. That is a great relief for brides’ parents of ordinary or middle class families who otherwise find it hard to bear the entire bill in Hindu Bharat matrimony. One should feel sympathy with the bride and family who, in addition to giving expensive dowry, have to bear all other expenses also in Bharat matrimony. Shared expenses and busy lifestyle mean quick marriages, lasting same or half a day. Join Laj Marriage Bureau for a partner who believes in sharing the expenses and be equal in all matters.

It is a good idea to share the expenses as the Bharat matrimony is between two people and why should only one pay for the entire bills. Rules and principles change in the world for the good of society. The old established custom to incur all the expenses should also change as it brings hardship for one family while the other is care free. Some families now willingly come forward to share the expenses in Bharat matrimony. It is like two persons travelling, each buying their own ticket, or sharing the total expenses incurred. It is very common in western countries where the total expenses in weddings are shared between the bride and groom. Many people who believe in equally shared expenses fill in the Indian matrimonial registration form to be members of this world famous Laj Marriage Bureau.

Equality Love and Respect Important in Hindu Bharat matrimony

The most important meaning in getting married is to have a life full of love and affection and sharing of everything. That includes equality and respect for each other. The male domination over the female is not acceptable amongst educated and professional families. As a matter of fact, the norm should be that husband and wife should have equal rights with deep regard for each other. Higher education means equal status for both the partners. If you believe in this idea then complete your dating registration form for compatible partners.

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