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Various Ceremonies Performed by Priest in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on June 28, 2011

Priest Carries Out Different Ceremonies in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

The presence of a priest is essential as no ceremony can be completed without them. They are familiar with all the rituals and sermons for different ceremonies in Hindu Bharat matrimony. In various countries, especially India, there are number of learned Hindu Brahmin male priests available at short notice. They usually have a simple living, are honest, helpful and easily available when their need is required in religious ceremonies. They form a respectable part of Hindu society. In Hindu Bharat matrimony and other religious functions, Hindu male priests are present all the time, directing the family members and others to follow and repeat the sermons in performing certain religious rites. It may be a function for a newly born baby, anniversary in later years, marriage ceremony, death in the family, etc. priests play an important part in completing all the ceremonies. They recite Sanskrit mantras and explain step by step their meanings and importance. There will be some Hindu Brahmin male priests in your locality and can be called to perform religious ceremonies. Log on and join Laj Marriage Bureau to see a priest at work in Bharat matrimony.

Some Welcome Non-Brahmin Priests in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

The established custom has been to have the services of a male Hindu Brahmin priest. All present at Hindu Bharat matrimony ceremonies shall expect a Hindu Bahmin priest. With changing time and free thinking, some families may invite educated non-Brahmin or even a female priest. These days, people have different views whether the priests should necessarily be male Brahmins in Hindu Bharat matrimony and other religious functions. Most families follow the established tradition and insist on having male Brahmin priests. Brahmins are educators, scholars and preachers in Hinduism. Nevertheless, some people welcome non-Brahmin male or even female priests in Hindu Bharat matrimony or other religious functions. According to them, all that matters is that the persons should have some knowledge of the Vedas and Sanskrit mantras. Alternatively, they can also be those amongst the assembled people who can read and recite some mantras from the books which are quite handy and easily available. You can have someone who can recite Sanskrit sermons at Hindu Bharat matrimony by filling the Indian matrimonial registration form.

Mandap The Venue for Ceremonies in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Mandap is a specially erected temple where all the religious ceremonies follow in Hindu Bharat matrimony. The presence of a priest is essential who recites Vedic mantras, the sermons, in Sanskrit, narrating their meanings and asking the congregation to repeat the mantras after him. Their extensive knowledge in this field makes the Hindu Bharat matrimony ceremonies to proceed systematically and smoothly. It is here that the bride and groom garland each other and offer worship to the god Ganesha. The Priest then gives a little water from a vessel to the couple in their right hands which is sipped to signify the purification of the souls. Water is sprinkled to purify the ‘mandap’ and is used frequently during the ceremony to bless the couple. Incense and camphor are burnt and waved in circles before the deity. Each of these acts has a special meaning, like sprinkling of water and sipping it suggesting purification of the surroundings and the peoples’ minds. To have a right partner for purification in the Mandap, register with ApnaMatch to find a Hindu partner.

Brahma the Main System to Perform Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Hindu Bharat matrimony was performed in diverse ways in times gone by, though the purest and most prevalent method was the ‘Brahma’ way. In this type of Hindu Bharat matrimony, the girl was given away by her father with dowry consisting of ornaments that he could afford to a known man, the groom, of good character. Even these days, this ‘Brahma’ (Brahman like) way of wedding is the accepted and most prevalent method to perform Hindu Bharat matrimony. Established rules are respected and followed by people to keep the continuity of religious beliefs. Log on and discover how to become a member to find suitable matches for Bharat matrimony.

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