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Jaimala and Three Goals Set for Fulfilment By Groom in Bharat Matrimony

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on June 29, 2011

Mandap and Jaimala Ceremony in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

The groom is led to a specially created place, a small temple which is well decorated and known as mandap, where most of the ceremonies take place for the completion of the wedding. Mandap is well decorated with flowers and buntings and is the most sacred part of the arena around wherein people can enter bare footed only. Jaimala or Varmala, the exchange of specially made garlands, and other ceremonies take place at this place in Hindu Bharat matrimony. First is the Jaimala ceremony when the groom and bride exchange garlands. There the groom is greeted by the bride’s family. The bride arrives in mandap in the company of her relatives and friends for the proceedings to start with the Jaimala function. The bride and the groom are handed a garland each, while the priest is chanting the religious hymns. The groom and bride then exchange the garlands (varmale or jaimala), signifying their acceptance of each other as husband and wife in Hindu Bharat matrimony. This is the first time that both the marrying partners have a glance of each other with a smile in their wedding dresses. You can go online for Indian matrimonial registration when searching for the true partners.

Garlanding Someone Increases Their Significance

One feels great when they are garlanded. Garlanding someone is to welcome them and give them honour on their arrival. One must have seen the political leaders being garlanded. A special person of importance in the educational field may be garlanded by the principal on their arrival in a school or college to deliver a lecture on a subject of extreme significance. In a procession, the leading figures of agitation may be garlanded. It enhances the importance of the person who has been garlanded. The important person in a meeting or procession can be recognised from a distance because of the garlands around their neck. Garlanding in Hindu Bharat matrimony by the bride and groom of each other also signifies their importance as they are now going to be life partners. Be a member of ApnaMatch by doing your dating registration to become an important person and be garlanded by others.

Three Goals Set for Groom in Mandap in Hindu Bharat matrimony

Both the partners have to declare certain goals and make promises for their fulfilment. The groom is asked to promise to realise three goals for the fulfilment of Hindu Bharat matrimony. The meanings of the hymns recited by the priest at Jaimala ceremony are: The bride says, “My dear, I accept you my future husband with this garland.” Bridegroom says, “May this garland bring you good fortune and enable you to become my wife.” You can also announce one of the promises at your Bharat matrimony by visiting Laj Marriage Bureau.

As a condition for offering his daughter in Bharat matrimony, the father of the bride asks for a promise from the groom for assisting the bride in realising the three goals:

  • dharma
  • artha
  • and kama

The groom makes the promises by repeating three times that he will not fail the bride in realising dharma, artha and kama. This is how the Jaimala ceremony takes place in Hindu Bharat matrimony. People present shower flowers and petels to bless the couple for their eternal love and prosperity in times to come. To fulfill the three goals of dharma, artha and kama, visit ApnaMatch to be with a partner who believes in Hindu principles. The bride also promises to be a good wife, a mother in years to come and always stand by the side of her husband and wish him successs at every step of life.

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