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Daughter Leaves Her Home at Doli in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on July 8, 2011

Tearsome Moments at Doli in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

Now the time has come when the daughter has to go to live and pass her rest of life with her husband after Hindu Bharat matrimony. ‘Doli’ is when the bride finally leaves her parents’ home with groom and party. Actually, at Doli, the daughter is taken away by her husband to live and pass her rest of life with him, in good and bad times alike. It is a very touching moment for everyone present there. She is going away not for a day or two, but permanently in new environments to stay with her husband and in-laws at their place. She now belongs to someone else and will stay away from her parents and other members of the family whom she had never missed for a single day. She also thinks she will not be able to say ‘good morning mum’, ‘good morning dad’ every morning and she will be away from their personal love and affection that she had enjoyed all those long years. She will not have those loving arguments with other members of the family, sometimes culminating in shouts but ending in embracing each other because of nobody’s fault. Visit and fill in the Indian matrimonial registration form to find a partner of your dreams.

Distress at Leaving Home at Doli in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

One thing she is pleased of is that she is going to her new home, full of hopes for a prosperous life. This separation is unavoidable as every girl has to go through after Hindu Bharat matrimony, though she will always remain in the hearts of her parents and other members of the family whose company she has never missed. She has never lived away from them for a single day or night, and now she will be away from their sight, though not their minds. Visit Laj Marriage Bureau to find a compatible lady who will join you after Doli at Hindu Bharat matrimony, where you will be able to see all these touching moments that follow the scene. But he prepared to join others to shed a few tears at the scene of Doli. You are warned you will not be able to resist from this.

Daughter Leaves with Parents’ Good House Keeping Lessons at Doli

Past remembrances will now run through her mind of the place she is leaving. It is at this moment of Doli in Hindu Bharat matrimony that all the previous memories run through her mind of the place she was born and brought up, where she had played as a child to grow up into a lady of charms and beauty. She got her education stretching from school, college, university to the parents’ special lessons how to be good in housekeeping, cooking and respecting elders. She must be the pride of the new home after Hindu Bharat matrimony, always helping and sharing everything with her husband and be obedient to in-laws. She is now going to leave her loved ones behind, brothers, sisters, parents and well wishers. Find a friend at ApnaMatch and go and join others at Doli.

Leaving Childhood Memories Behind at Doli in Hindu Bharat Matrimony

A loving member of the family will be missed in the house at least for some time to come. The daughter, pride of family, is now leaving. No one can make her stop crying at Doli time in Hindu Bharat matrimony, which is though entirely out of love. Everyone present there, from her or groom’s side, also joins in to shed a few tears. Her parents and family members cannot control two things, namely tears on her departure and happiness on her joining her husband to start a successful new life. She has her dreams of a wonderful time after marriage fulfilled which she used to mention during story times to her friends and other members of the family. It is now the duty of her husband and in-laws to look after her welfare and do everything possible to make her feel comfortable in the new environments after Hindu Bharat matrimony. Find out how to become a member for dating and friendship and watch Doli to shed a few tears.

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