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Inter-Caste Hindu Bharat Matrimony on the Increase

Posted by TheIndianWeddings on July 14, 2011

Inter Caste Bharat Matrimony Becoming a Reality

With the change of time the approach to various established customs also change. Something unacceptable over a few decades ago becomes fashionable in the present atmosphere where equality and human rights play an important part. That which was out of sight once is turning into reality these days. Many families are now allowing inter-caste Hindu Bharat matrimony for their children to take place. They are coming out of the restricted boundaries of caste system established centuries ago. Higher education and advanced economic conditions have given more say to the youngsters in deciding and choosing their partners for Bharat matrimony. Some people never bother about these restricted and old fashioned caste customs which have been coming down from times immemorial. All they want is that the partners should be of matching qualities and like each other. In case of love marriages, mostly with the knowledge and eventual permission of parents, the question of restrictions does not arise. Such a Bharat matrimony turns out to be very successful, happy and ever lasting. Visit ApnaMatch where you can find suitors of various castes who will like to meet you for dating and friendship leading to Bharat matrimony. Inter caste marriages are quite popular in big cities but still not favoured in small towns and villages. However, Hindu marriages in the clan, i.e. same family name or from same ancestors are neither favoured nor allowed. Bharat matrimony within the father or mother’s family is considered not conducive to good health. Medical history has established that children born to parents of same clan develop deformity and other health problems.

Some Families Still Allow Only Own Caste Bharat Matrimony

Some families still follow the old customs in which they themselves have been brought up. Time may have changed but old customs still cling with a section of society for Hindu Bharat matrimony. Majority of families in Indian villages and towns look for their own religion and caste for Bharat matrimony. Inter caste marriages are unknown to them and they do not want to go that path. In big cities, people are quite liberal as what they look for is the compatibility, well settled families, acceptance of each other by both the suitors, etc. Caste restricted marriages may have their own drawbacks as there may be less choice in choosing compatible partners. These marriages may have taken place simply because parents have found a suitor belonging to same caste, ignoring suitability of the two to each other. Suitors’ views and personalities may clash as the two have been teamed up as husband and wife because that was the only available option in the caste system. Start your very own Indian matrimonial registration to have a compatible partner.

Extreme Punishment for Out Of Caste Bharat Matrimony

Many parents still believe that Bharat matrimony should be between people of their own caste. The society around does not approve of out of caste associations. Knowing that their parents will not approve of such an alliance, the two may keep on meeting secretly with the hope that wisdom will soon prevail and their association accepted. In many cases, the youngsters are warned not to carry on with their love making. Many youngsters elope and start living together away from their parents. When caught, they are punished with extreme consequences, including murders. Members of the family who have inflicted heavy injuries or murdered their own children are imprisoned for long terms. They call it ‘honour killing’ when they cannot make their children to stay away from forming such relationship which they consider dishonourable as it is out of caste system. This barbaric practice still continues and may be found in many countries of the world. Log on Laj Marriage Bureau to have partners of different castes with matching qualities.

Caste System Will Eventually be Broken by Next Generations

People are now realising that the restricted relationships are not conducive for the success of Hindu Bharat matrimony. They are gradually coming out of this bondage with the advancement of education and economic conditions. Whether it is same caste or different caste, intelligent people recognise that we are all human beings of Mother India and have created these artificial caste borders ourselves for the benefit of no one. What happens when a couple of same caste have conflicting opinions, are always arguing over petty things, and may even try to harm each other? Then there are the neighbours where two people of different castes are living and enjoying their married life as true partners after Hindu Bharat matrimony. They have lot to offer each other as they have all the ingredients that go to make a perfect married couple. Before their wedding, these companions of different castes discuss various topics in details, make sure the other person is on the right waveband and weigh each others’ views, which turn out to be matching. When education, job status, family background and other matters of importance are all excellent, nothing stops them from coming together and forming an alliance. The future of the caste system will eventually be broken by the next generation. People want happiness and equality after Bharat matrimony rather than domination and division, which create inferiority and superiority complex amongst the masses. As a true believer in equality and respect for others, have a caste free and compatible member at Laj Marriage Bureau for friendship or Bharat matrimony.

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